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People live in the information society and everyone has long known that the lack of information can drive people crazy. Since ancient times, people have found ways to get information through conversations, radio, and then television and the Internet. With the help of information, a person learns about important events, news, stories that, one way or another, help him not to fall out of society. In the drama the Fifth power, which was released in 2013, we will focus on the creators of the site, which kept secret state and government information, with which ordinary citizens had to learn the truth about the state in which they live. This movie, as well as movies Social network and jobs: the Empire of temptation, based on real events. The Fifth film the power (2013) - drama based on real events, tells the story of the success and fall of Wikileaks and its creators. Biographical drama was filmed in the US and the UK. The film will reveal to ordinary viewers the secret of a social project accessible to everyone. The site had some similarities with the well-known Wikipedia, but the difference was that it kept information about government secrets. The U.S. government strictly banned the site because it was a threat, and at the same time, the two creators stopped finding a common language when things went too far... The fifth power biographical drama (2013), in fact, will describe all the real events that took place in the world in the two thousandth year, related to the Wikileaks website. This is a story about two guys who tried to make a world revolution using the Internet. The result is a very sound political Thriller, which will undoubtedly appeal to all fans of the genre.