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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
In the wonderful Northern Irish town of Belfast always reigned peace and quiet, until one day it became known about the chrede of mysterious murders. Mysterious maniac-killer ruthlessly kills the locals, leaving them even the slightest chance of salvation. The police can't do anything, the killer leaves no evidence. Then it takes an experienced detective Stella Gibson. The first thing she interrogates the families of the victims, but nothing to knock any of them fails. They have experienced a terrible tragedy, and now they do not want to talk about their relatives.Stella Gradually began to get close to the maniac. Step by step she caught up to him. Seemed, that she quite near. In the third season of the series you will learn the shocking truth about Stella's past. It is not so white and fluffy you always wanted to be. She'll reveal their cards... the Series Crash 3 season all series in a row to watch online free in good quality.

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