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Two heroes, two personalities, live a normal life. Wallace, a young guy who likes to philosophize, dreams of becoming famous. Shantri, a young girl, loves to hang out, does not believe in love, but with great trepidation refers to friendship. Heroes are destined to meet, and this link is one of Wallace, he is the brother of Santri. The heroes met at a party, something happened between them, they seemed to be close to each other. Wallace fell in love, a girl as yet this can not be said. The guy escorts Shantree home, and then finds out that the heroine has a boyfriend. This is a ridiculous situation.nnMeanwhile, Chantry Wallace believes his friend, a best friend. Wallace has no choice but to agree to be a friend to this beautiful girl. Their communication is so warm that it is not necessary to talk about sexual attraction, they are drawn to each other, but it's not just love or friendship, it's something new, different. The characters restrain themselves, they can't have one without the other, but the circumstances are above them. Shantry needs to go to another country, she was offered a prestigious job there. But can a girl stay in town, stay with Wallace, give up everything she's wanted all her life? And Wallace is ready for a new phase in their relationship?

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