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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
The Australian TV series "The Doctor Blake Mysteries" takes us into the hectic, even violent 60-e years of the last century. Dr. Blake is an ex-soldier who suffered a severe personal loss. So it is not very good with people, but continue to live as you need to. His homeland is a small town called Ballart. When his father, a doctor and a forensic scientist, dies, Ballart returns here after many years of wandering.nnHe takes over his father's practice, and he has to "inherit" to participate in the investigation of crimes. And they do not slow down to wait. In the local lake floats the corpse of a woman. Blake is invited for a routine autopsy. He spends it and for a while forgets about this business. And when later interested in the results of the investigation, he sees that it was conducted, to put it mildly, carelessly.nnDr. Blake-a man of principle, so begins to dig deeper in this matter. And almost immediately discovers that the peace on view Ballarta are happening strange things. Of course, he will not tolerate this in his small homeland. But how many enemies will he make during this personal war? Who from old known will face on his side, and who openly or secretly oppose him?