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  • Crime
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On the day of her seventeenth birthday Leah Morel together with a relative Chris went to the annual music festival, which was held in Lyon. The girls had a good time in the company of his friends, visited different appearances and planned to return home by four o'clock. Chris was tired and decided to go home, and her cousin wasn't in the mood to end the fun so early. Some time later, the family began to worry. Leah didn't come back, so they suspected that something bad had happened to her. The father went to the police, but the guards were skeptical about the incident. The young lady, in their opinion, could stay with a fan, to meet a friend, in the end, to escape from home. Each member of the family experiences tragedy in his own way. Mother finds solace in communication with the younger daughter. Brother tormented by guilt, because he had to accompany the girls, but at the last moment gave preference to personal matters. The father does not want to accept the opinion of the police and starts his own investigation. It involves experienced investigators-Commissioner Molina, along with assistant Camilla Guern. After a thorough search of the room disappeared, were found bags of white powder.

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