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In the heart of Manhattan, the sex industry thrives, in the cursed world, people have forgotten about honor and dignity, so tormented in a slippery, viscous and suffocating delirium. Crazy, POPs up like an octopus from the depths, painting Greedy madmen invent a new bondage and throw into the people, now there is an opportunity to keep the whole rabble in check.


Zaviralnye ideas embraced all enraged octopus, get out of trouble is difficult, how to stop? Foolhardy fawns and drags fools, it becomes a banner and a hymn to millions. Mania has become communism and fascism, people voluntarily give themselves to death, for them now the main abuse of common sense of life. The scum force weak representatives of mankind not to think of consequences, it is favorable to them to drive losers into slavery and to ruin. Stupid heads, not aware of, getting into the maelstrom, vigilance is lost, the slave owners, blurring in a smile, triumphant. Many of the laws fail, it is the moment to put an end to the madness

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