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The documentary series "Rebellious" will tell their moviegoers the true story of the very first hip-hop rapper Dr. Dre, who in an instant was one of the richest people. In filming the series involves the actors who were personally acquainted with a celebrity. They know exactly the subtleties of what happened more than a year ago.nDre's partner, Jimmy Iowa, told his close friend that they now have an incredible amount of money. At the same time, he forgot to clarify that this undesirable news to tell everyone. To put it in Jimmy's words, it would sound something like an old, but very famous movie: "keep your head down, don't buy women, cars, fur coats."nLast year, on the first of April, many heard that the huge company "Apple "plans to buy out"Bits" soon. Many people immediately realized that the person who wants to do it, is Dre. Rapper himself said that he barely lasted six weeks, not to tell anyone about the presence of his huge amount of money. Soon in Facebook and Twitter you can see many news about that soon is going to make Dre.nJimmy was a real friend and that's why he took the brunt. It was one of the worst days of his life. He got from all sides, because he was responsible to all shareholders. According to him, many assumed that he will give up soon, but it didn't happen. Jimmy confidently continued to go to the goal. After all the events that happened then, he could only hope that in the end Apple would agree to the planned deal…