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To a point in the life of the protagonist did not differ from those of their peers. The girl's name is rose and she just turned 16 years old. One day the young lady went to bed, but when she woke up, the world around her changed, and she was horrified. It appeared in the world of no adults, even a single person. One gets the impression that they are extinct and do not understand where they disappeared. Mysticism reigns around, but the longer the heroine continues to explore the city, the worse it becomes. Technologies do not work at all, so there is no mobile connection and Internet. How to find out the truth and find the others while it's difficult to explanation. In a bizarre world with a girl trying to adapt to the new rules and regulations of other teenagers. After some time, it becomes clear that the impure force is involved. Everyone deep down hopes to see their parents again. After the guys noticed a military plane in the sky, they decide to find it. But soon each character will have to face an incredible creature.