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On the most common city beach are thrown the bodies of several people. Having regained consciousness, they talk about themselves, and it shocks absolutely everyone around. According to the facts, these people came from the future and they are refugees. In the world where they were before, there is another world war that has already killed millions of people. The opportunity to plunge into a world where there is no war, for them - the most valuable gift. But for those in the present, the arrival of refugees is a great challenge. The local Sheriff takes the case to investigate it up and down. Initially, the man sure arrived in a state of shock unable to lie. But, the more he learns, the more he understands-they do not lie, and all people expect a quick world war. The Sheriff will have to understand the situation and prevent such a future, thereby changing everything that these people told. After all, this is the only chance to make their journey not meaningless.

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