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Original Title: The Clone
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Rede Globo
Creators: Glória Perez
Description: Telenovela "O Clone" became one of the most successful Brazilian series, and not only at home – it was exported to nine dozen countries. It is noteworthy that this is not a trivial melodrama, but rather a provocative work. The series describes in detail the way of life of religious Muslim families. The narrative is complicated by the much-debated topic of cloning.nnThe content of the script was so unusual that a number of Brazilian actors, who were initially offered to play the main role, refused to participate in the project. In the story, in the family of a successful entrepreneur Leonidas Ferras grow two twin brothers: Diogo and Lucas. Although they are so similar that they can not be distinguished, the father allocates more dioga. But it so happens that the hope and support of the head of the family dies tragically. The young man's death shocked not only his parents and brother.nnHard going through the loss and Augusto Albieri – godfather of the deceased. By profession, he is a doctor, Professor, putting in his laboratory experiments on cloning cattle. Augusto takes from Lucas genetic material from which produces a clone of diogu. It is clear that such interference in the course of fate does not remain without consequences.

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