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Brown Cleveland all his adult life worked as a Manager of a simple diner "Drunk oyster". Like all good citizens, he married and had a great son, Cleveland Jr. But everything comes to an end. He came and family happiness. The guy's wife, pretty Loretta filed for divorce, kicking Cleveland and his 14-year-old son out of the house on the street. What was poor brown supposed to do? Sure, just go to Sunny California. There in his plans was implementation of a long youthful dream-to become the agent of the professional baseball organization of younger League. But the adventures of Cleveland and his son are just beginning!on the way to California, brown decided to turn to his town of Stoolbend, Virginia. There he was, to his great joy, he meets his high school love Donna Tubbs. With a career at the baby Donna all right – she works at the local school assistant Director. But personal life leaves much to be desired. She, like Cleveland, divorced and is a selfless mother of two wonderful kids – 15-year-old Roberta and five-year-old Rellow. Crumbs wild, rowdy and have no respect for adults. Roberta is Dating an overage white guy, Federline Jones, and is an active user of all social media. Youngest, Rallou not far behind the sisters. For the notorious hooliganism of his, five-year-old, expelled from school. The boy grows reckless and is very interested in all matters of sexual relations. Understanding the situation, brown Cleveland decided that children need a father, and his beloved Donna – husband-protector. In less than 25 years, Cleveland decided to make Donna an offer she gladly accepted.rn

So, actually starts a cult animated series "the Cleveland Show".Further the viewer expects a whole epic about the life and adventures of a positive black. A bit naive, he is endowed with old-fashioned virtues. For example, one day he realized that his own son does not have a single friend. In search of true friend for Cleveland Junior went a lot father. But it was worth it: as a result, the boy got a loyal sidekick Ernie Krinklesak, ready to support Cleveland Jr. in all his endeavors.but the most important "order from above" brown Cleveland considers the preservation of moral and physical purity of his stepdaughter Roberta. Stepfather is not a humorless prude. He likes to make jokes sometimes. However, 15 years is such an early age for a serious relationship! Constant moralizing gradually took effect: Robert became more modest, radically changed the image and succeeded so much that she fell in love with the named brother. Who knows, maybe their relationship will have a happy continuation?in relation to the youngest Rallow Cleveland had to show the whole Arsenal of his work. Persuasion, encouragement, sometimes-dosed threats and voila! – from Rello turned the good boy, the most loving of parents and the Short, it's worth watching the Cleveland Show online to keep track of all the exciting moments. The viewer will be delighted the friends of the Cleveland family bear Tim and the local drunks Crinkles. A specific menu of the restaurant "Mill" will not leave anyone indifferent.