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Vince was a real baseball star. Many in the school thought that soon the world will be watching the matches with his participation. Only for some reason the hero decided to devote himself to the family business, a small gym in Brooklyn... Vince goes to work every day and hangs out at home in the evenings, and by the way, his brother Matthew lives with him, which is a funny guy. Long ago Vince dreamed that to sell this sports club and will jerk from new York to Florida. But... quite unexpectedly, at the door of his apartment, he meets Priya - an ex-girlfriend who led to the hero of his fifteen-year-old son Michael. As a teenager, by the way, was the son of Vince as he is, of course, did not know... The guy recently enrolled in one of the best schools in new York and it would not be bad if the son and father finally met. What about now, Vince?