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A quiet pool, as the saying goes, is the place of residence of devils, and behind a decent facade often kept secret the most terrible secrets. That's what happened in the joint British-American series "the Casual Vacancy". The action takes place in the English village of Pagford.nnOutwardly, it is a quiet idyllic place. In Pegford, there is a cobbled town square and a medieval monastery. At first glance, Patriarchal provincial customs reign here. But what is actually in the town not so quietly, it becomes clear after the sudden death still not old Barry Fairbrother. He was a member of the local municipality, and now his position is vacant. Immediately begins a serious struggle for the place of the deceased – too many want power.nnAgainst the backdrop of the unfolding struggle becomes visible the true essence of Pagford with all his unsightly secrets. It turns out that there is no pastoral peace here and in sight. Wealthy citizens despise the poor, and they hate the rich, teenagers are at war with their own parents, husbands and wives change each other, and students are at odds with teachers. The literary basis of the " Casual vacancy "was the novel of the same name by the famous JK Rowling – author of"Potter".

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