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  • Drama
The series Bureau of legends will talk about the life and work of a special agent from France. He studied for a long time in a special office, so he became a professional in his field, who is trusted with the most difficult work not only at home, but also in many other countries. For a long time this guy was in Syria. There, working undercover, he performed an important job that gave him his state. The protagonist of the series Le Bureau des Legends (2015) worked for 6 long years in another country, and after the successful completion of the job back home, where he intended to return to normal life, waiting for other orders from the authorities. But something unexpected happened: after returning to Paris, the guy continues to live under a false name, which he wore during the mission in Syria. The authorities are concerned about this fact, and think that a long stay in another country on behalf of another person clouded his mind, and he must undergo psychological assistance. But if you watch the series online, it becomes clear that the hero in Syria met a girl who recently moved to France, and he is on behalf of the man, whom he seemed to her there, wants to resume relations and start to contact again.