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Original Title: The Book of Daniel
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: NBC
Creators: Jack Kenny
Language: English
Description: The drama book of Daniel (2013) tells the story of the prophet Daniel and the fate that has prepared the hero many trials. This film is a screen adaptation of the drama Under the same name book of the prophet Daniel. Wonderful historical material, professional actors who played their roles perfectly and excellent fighting scenes - all this was combined together in the film works of American Director Anna Zelinsky. In the picture very widely and deeply disclosed issues of human behavior, crime and guilt before God, and love for himself. Among other things, mentioned above is the protection of their loved ones, and it is not in spite of any adversity. nnThe drama of the Book of Daniel is built on the tragic fall and capture of Jerusalem, which, according to history, occurred in the distant 605 to the n. E. the City fell under the hands of brutal and merciless warriors. The rebellious were killed, others were captured for many years. Among the prisoners was the main character of the Film book of Daniel (2013). This time was considered the last in the calculation of the history of Jerusalem, but there was a real miracle and the nation was able to be reborn again, although it needs a long period of time. The reign of Nebuchadnezzar the Second gave this Land of wealth and beauty. nnBut the vision of the prophet Daniel about the fall of the Almighty king and the majestic Babylon was made from the faithful Royal henchman of the unfortunate hostage. By order of the ruler he, like many others, was thrown into the eerie town of Babylon. Thoughts of the main character of the drama Daniel's Book only one thing - he does not understand why he deserved such disgrace, because he never went against the will of the Almighty king, until the actions of that did not touch the work of God...

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