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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Swedish action film takes viewers to a small provincial town, whose residents are included in the new school year. School-related events concern not only the students themselves, but also their teachers, parents and even neighbors. Unremarkable fate of citizens suddenly interrupted by a series of terrible events. It all starts with the discovery in the school toilet of the body of one of the high school students. Eles have always been an outcast, he was a representative of the informal sect that rejects the existence of God and worships the Devil. When a boy is found dead, everyone thinks he killed himself. The reason for this is the death of the parents of the hero of the film "Circle", who died last year under mysterious circumstances. But soon find the body of another student from a more affluent family. Then all understand that the reason is not only the adolescents themselves – someone or something forces them to kill themselves. At the same time, the blood-red Moon rises above the city, which is an important sign – the battle between good and evil should begin. And in this unequal battle will involve even ordinary people, because among the students there are those who are able to change the course of a fierce battle of the higher forces.

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