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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Raymond Reddington, or Red, the protagonist of this series, a former government agent, and then became a dangerous criminal who's wanted by the FBI. The thing is that he used the information obtained during the work to enrich himself. He was just selling information to the right people for a lot of money. For the security services, he was an elusive man. For several years he was hunted, but never could catch. And then he came in the Office and intimidated everyone there. No, to surrender, he wasn't going to, but to propose a cooperation – Yes. He is ready to work for the FBI and catch terrorists and especially dangerous criminals. He has reliable information about their whereabouts and a detailed dossier on each. The only condition Red made was cooperation with a young Elizabeth keen, an agent who had just come into the service. The girl herself does not understand why the man chose her, the authorities are also at a loss, and the hero explained this by the fact that kin is special and only with her he will be able to work productively. Time for a more detailed clarification of all there was no reason, so I had Elizabeth just agree and get to work.

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