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This series consists of ten series, in which the viewer in mini-scenes tells the events described in the Bible, starting with the book of Genesis written in the depths of centuries and ending with the book of Revelation that inspired awe to all people. The attention of the viewer is the story of the construction of Noah's ark, who saved from the flooded world waters of the earth every creature living under the sun.the film details the story of the dire Exodus of the Jews from Egypt who escaped from the ruthless Egyptians under the wise leadership of Moses and the life and short journey of the merciful Jesus Christ. The series covers both the birth of the Savior and his tragic death and subsequent resurrection, which gave joy and hope to the hearts of all believers. Thanks to the advice of many priests and scholars in the mini-series managed to recreate the history of the old Testament and the New Testament, and it became a large-scale adaptation of the stories described in the Bible. The storyline of the film is an appeal to the rushing in search of salvation and a reminder of the sacrificial love of Christ.

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