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Lee JI-Hoon is a talented but very indecisive young man, to whom luck invariably turns its back. For several years he has been training hard in the Agency to make his debut as a solo artist, but at the auditions the producers each time weed out his candidacy. Among other things, trainey is in love with his girlfriend Chve at Syl, with whom he has known since childhood, and hesitates to confess her feelings. One day, coming home by car, this couple hit a homeless guy. As it turned out that the victim had lost his memory to compensate for the damage, JI Hong allowed him to live in his apartment for a while. Since that evening, everything in his life turned upside down. The guest was not a random passer-by, but his own father, a famous musician who disappeared without a trace 23 years ago. This is hard to believe, because Yu Hyun Jae moved from the 90s to modern Seoul, looks the same age as his own son, and even hit on his beloved.

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