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Old friends get together again to properly "break away" at a bachelor party in honor of the approaching wedding of one of them. Henry is the "culprit" celebration – was planning a meeting with friends as something fun, not knowing what dire consequences will the implementation of its plans. It all starts quite unusual, because for a bachelor party heroes adventure Thriller with elements of the Comedy "Rules of the game" choose not Las Vegas or the Bahamas, and the village, located at the foot of the Argentine mountains. Arriving at the place, Henry, Leon, Terence and Roy meet a longtime friend of the protagonist. Max came here on his own, wanting to prepare a little surprise for the groom. His plan worked-all are pleasantly surprised to a meeting and decide not to postpone long-awaited booze and to arrange it tonight that next day to go to conquer local mountains. The guys stay at a local hotel, where they have a rich party with all the consequences: alcohol flows like a river, a stripper dances depraved dances, and some do not even shun the use of drugs. In the morning, the heroes collect everything they need and go to the mountains, ignoring the warnings of the hotel guests about the mystical creature, guarding their land, through which the route of mountain travelers passes.

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