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Original Title: The Arrangement
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: E!
Creators: Jonathan Abrahams
Language: English
Description: American crime story-a new television franchise, which is based on documentary materials of real criminal cases, created by an excellent Director, producer and screenwriter Ryan Murphy. He is known as the Creator of many very original and exciting projects that are always of high quality and exciting stories. His previous project was an anthology called"American horror story", in which he tried new television techniques, such as game reconstruction of events, as well as a detailed representation of one story story during one season, which quickly became a trend in the television show business of the last two or three years. His new franchise also applies these principles, which allows the content to be quite deep, looking in detail at the weight of the available documentary sources of details. And the game reconstruction fills the facts known to all on media news Chronicles with personal characteristics of an emotional state of heroes, creation of their psychological portraits that does all these stories absolutely burning, and forcing the viewer of"the American history of crimes" to worry events together with their heroes. In the first season was told the whole story of the famous athlete, an American football player O. Jay Simpson, who was accused of a terrible and cruel double murder of his ex-wife and her lover. It is interesting that so far this case is not finally closed. In the second season, the viewer will learn about the causes of such catastrophic consequences of the hurricane of 2005 called"Katrina", as a result of which the capital of American black jazz New Orleans practically disappeared under water. < li>< ol > Recall that last year, August 29th was marked by a terrible date-it has been exactly ten years since that terrible day. This hurricane was one of the five most deadly hurricanes in the history of the United States. The total number of deaths and missing persons could not be calculated, and those who were still identified – 1836 dead and 135 missing. Formed on August 23 in the Bahamas, at first the hurricane was not regarded as dangerous by forecasters. He was given only the first level. When, three days later,"Katrina" managed in the Gulf of Mexico, removing from the face of the earth all that was on the coast from Central Florida to Texas, he was promoted to the 5th. Jeb Bush and Bob Riley – the governors of Florida and Alabama, respectively, quickly began to respond adequately to events. They have taken all necessary measures to evacuate people and other measures. However, such efficiency and foresight was not enough for the Governor of Louisiana Kathleen Blanco, who relied on the forecast of weather forecasters regarding her region, which gave only 17% of the possibility of a hurricane. The case was complicated by the fact that New Orleans is below sea level, and its two protective dams have not been repaired for 40 years ... All this, in the" American history of crimes" led to catastrophic consequences, as evidenced by the facts: from 23 to 31 August, the Bahamas,Cuba, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, the entire Eastern coast of the Gulf of Mexico suffered Buildings in the city collapsed like houses of cards First, both dams were built with engineering errors and irregularities. And besides, for forty years the staff of this case have not made any attempt to strengthen the dams. Series American crime story season 2 all series can be downloaded for free on our website at any time of the day!

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