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In the American drama Anna Nicole (2013) shows what lies behind the successful life of a famous movie star. The plot of the biographical film presents a chic model and actress. Her life is full of ingenious weaves in which there were generous gifts and cruel blows of destiny. The creators of this picture described all the stages of the life of this famous blonde, from the young beauty to the last years of life, which were full of litigation for the inheritance. nnThe infamous Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith married 89-year-old billionaire Jake Howard Marshall. This provincial girl in my life was able to achieve dizzying popularity, but did not wait for happiness. Drama Anna Nicole shows that side of life of the popular model, which had not previously been covered by the press. Being a simple Vicki Lynn Hogan, the heroine of the film became a socialite Anna-Nicole Smith. nnAt first glance, the main character of the biographical drama Anna Nicole does not deserve special attention. As a stripper, she successfully managed to jump out to marry 86-year-old grandfather, after the death of which, as much as 11 years spent on the courts with his family, in the end, and got nothing. She posed for Playboy magazine in 1993, was the face of Guess, which broke the contract with her through too scandalous behavior. After a fairly quick closing of the TV show with Anna, the beauty got to the hospital bed with bipolar personality disorder, and also had a deep dependence on different pills and strong alcohol. However, there is still something in this woman, it is not for nothing that she is still listed as an American star. In the picture Anna Nicole shows the personal drama of a provincial girl who made her way up from the bottom.nnBeing very young, Texas girl Vigi Lynn, dreams of a life like Marilyn Monroe. With her first husband did not work, and becoming a mother This is well illustrated in the scene, where Anna wants to record on tape the promise of the old that he will provide it with his son, but this idea failed. As a result, Anna Nicole Smith's life ends with an overdose. The famous blonde did not even reach forty years. nnIn General, we can say that the picture of Anna Nicole came out very exciting, as well as other biographical tapes of 2013 - Butler and Paganini: Violinist of the Devil. It is a Prime example of the fact that having achieved fame by any means, you can not always find happiness.

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