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The main heroine of the anime "the bride of the magician" - a strange girl named Chise. Strange it is considered by all, both adults and peers. The life of a girl consists not too successfully, because her mother had recently committed suicide. And all because of Chise's unique abilities. The parent could not accept the madness of her daughter.the fact is that from early childhood Chise sees frightening creatures next to him. These creatures haunt the girl, prevent her to live a normal life, scaring her. Most interesting is that no other of these beings can not see. Of course, the main character arrives in a state of horror.after the death of her mother, she moves away from everyone around her. Everyone who has ever tried to help the girl, eventually left her. Still, it is unusual and very strange. People like that don't like them.rn

One day, Chise decides to run away into the woods. So she is dreaming to gain rest, hide from universal condemnation. To the girl's surprise, she finds a strange building in the middle of the forest. It is a giant library, which looks after the magician. This man tells Chise she's not strange, she's special.rn

Turns out, the girl nature has an amazing talent. She can see what's going on beyond our world. Those creatures that from childhood pursued the main character, all the forces trying to get into the real world.

however, someone has to restrain them. So begins the path of a girl with a difficult fate in a magical world where everything is possible in the literal sense.