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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
In the yard of the eighties, the height of the Cold war between the leading countries of the world, the post of President then held Ronald Reagan. KGB agents tried in every possible way to provoke and compromise the President who recently joined the service. In the States sent specially recruited and trained spies to conduct intelligence and perform various dangerous tasks. The couple Philip and Elizabeth Jennings is just one of those recruited spies. They look like an ordinary American family. They have two children and a small travel Agency. But all this is just a cover, in fact, they daily carry out their mission in America. Their task is to gather information and carry out various tasks of the headquarters to undermine the security of the country. when they first arrived in the States, family life was just a cover, but now they have real feelings for each other. Love is very much a hindrance, but the guys are trying to do the job and keep the course in the right direction. Recently it has settled Stan Beeman - a counterintelligence agent of the CIA, who is after the spies as the main characters. Now their fate is in real danger, they will have to be much more vigilant and careful to stay in the shadows and continue the mission headquarters.

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