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Atmospheric Thriller directed Duo James Franco and Pamela Romanovsky, whose plot, according to the creators themselves, based on real events that took place in the late 19th century in America. This is a story about a girl named Isabel porter, for whom the premature death of her parents becomes a serious shock. In the hope look away from the painful thoughts and find the long-awaited peace of mind, she agrees to spend some time in the walls of the rosewood Institute, a well-known and quite respectable medical institution specializing in psychiatry. However, for the external well-being and constant laudatory odes practicing doctors here allegedly use only advanced medical practices, hiding something dark and even sinister. Soon the main character is surprised to realize that instead of the expected peace and necessary rehabilitation, she became an unwitting test subject in inhuman pseudoscientific experiments rosewood cold-blooded "healers". Now she will have experienced the effectiveness of local therapy that combines manipulation with the consciousness of complete "washing" of the brain, as well as adjustments of the individual rather brutal methods.

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