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Each work of cinema or cartoon industry carries some hidden subtext. And with the character of the animated series "the Wonderful world of Gambol". Overactive kitten, which is the main character of the cartoon can be compared with a modern child who only knows the world. Although the kitten and 12 years, the plot of the cartoon to draw a parallel to any age. In the cartoon, the main character is naive and silly, but insanely kind. In each new series, Gambol shows loyalty and devotion to his friends. The very graphics of the cartoon is quite specific, as for an adult, and many parents and grandmothers the question arises: is it possible to watch the wonderful world of Gambol online child?

the Answer here is one: not just possible, but even necessary. You already protect your baby from all the injustices of this world, and when it comes to growing up, it is difficult for the child to realize and accept the fact that there are not only scarlet flowers around. The world is full of dangers, and sometimes you have to cope alone. So the kid, Gumball, along with his friends, goldfish and penny, find ways out of various situations. For example, in the first series, the main characters think that the end of the world will come in 24 hours. 4 minutes of the series, they have time to do everything I wanted to do in my life. These are good and children's dreams.

in the animated animated series — so far four seasons, about 20 episodes each. Each series is filled with a lot of different characters. It:rn

  • Animals< li>rn
  • Fruit< li>rn
  • Vegetables< li>rn
  • Robots< li>rn
  • natural phenomena< li>rn
  • Food< li>and they are all represented as living things. For example, classmates are potatoes, a banana and a flower. Parents-pink rabbit and blue cat. Each of them, in one way or another enters into conflict with Gambol or Vice versa, helps to solve his problem.

    at first, Gambol is not a serious boy who teases others and is not able to take care even of himself, he superficially treats his love and duties. But with the development of the plot, he begins to understand scientific terms, to communicate on more serious topics with Darwin and becomes responsible in his actions with penny.Current problems of our time can be found by viewing the wonderful world of Gambol online. Rabbit-daddy always sits at home, eating something and watching the telly, but the blue cat-mom, works with 2 factories and does all the housework. Not find familiar? This is a vivid example of not success and indifference of the head of the family. Parents who are really raising a child, it will not be difficult to convey the idea of equality and responsibility. After all, every child becomes an adult.this cartoon is, without a doubt, useful for family views. Each character represents something good and bad, everyone can get into a complicated story and everyone in life there are troubles. It is important for the child to prove that you should not lose optimism and hang up your nose.