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Original Title: The Amazing Spider-Man
Channel: CBS
Creators: Stan Lee,Steve Ditko
Language: English
Description: The film the New spider-Man watch online - is not a continuation of the already made films about him, this is a completely new line of movies with a sequel. Another Director and a completely different team, only the plot of the film has not changed at all. Wonderful actors who starred in the new film, forced the viewer to look a little differently at the history of spider-boy. Computer technology and skill created by the Director is simply amazing with its tricks Fantastic movie online. Like all teenagers his age, Peter is busy solving global problems: how to please girlfriend, how to make friends etc. Only in addition to these tasks before him is another, even more important-the disclosure of the mystery of the disappearance of his parents. He grew up in his uncle and aunt, who took him, and education is still very early in life and issues related to its origin has always haunted him. Suddenly discovered a suitcase of his father slightly opens a veil, which has been omitted in all that concerned his parents. Their disappearance was not an accident, everything is somehow connected with the company" Oscorp", as well as Dr. Kurt Connors, who heads it. Despite the fact that Parker has all the qualities of a superhero his complexes and stiffness did not leave him. In the film, the new spider-Man can see how he communicates with the girl he likes and see his asociality. He does not know how to build dialogues and is constantly shy of himself. What happened to him is not accidental, the main thing is to learn how to use new qualities to raise self-esteem and build healthy relationships. Only with the emergence of new opportunities have Parker emerge and new enemies. Or rather just the enemies, prior to that, he constantly met people who don't understand or just didn't notice. Meeting with them requires a certain character, and he shows it rather because the danger threatens not only him, but all his loved ones. Only noble impulses forcing spider-Man to meet the Alter-ego of his father's partner, Dr. Connors. It is he who tells Parker about some of the secrets of his current state and the secrets of his past life. Connors, too, not managed to avoid genetic transformation. His second essence turns into an evil lizard, whose purpose is to destroy spider-Man. Struggling with his enemies, Parker begins to slowly realize themselves in real life. Super ability to help him find an approach to his girlfriend, as well as to solve many of his psychological problems. The authors of the new spider-Man watch online talk about the fact that in the new film they used the most modern computer technology. However their task was bringing in tricks to show more humanity and so most of the super-effects were removed from so-called combined technologies. This is when a person in real life does any complex action and then enhance and modify many times with the help of special programs. Especially carefully studied the facial expressions of the new anti-hero movie-lizard, so the villain turned out more than realistic. Fantastic movie new spider-Man watch online for free-a new modern superfilm, which can not be missed, because it begins a new era of spider-Man in cinema. Enjoy the show.

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