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At the end of the 19th century in new York city there were nightmarish events. In poor areas, where prostitution, looting and fraud are rampant, violent killings of children are beginning to take place. Each time crimes become more artful and more sophisticated. The killer acts according to a certain plan, performing sacrifices that are known only to him. Law enforcement agencies can't independently find the maniac and stop a series of deaths of young boys from slums. They are unable to find clues that would help in the investigation. Maniac feels his impunity and freedom of action, he only begins to taste and continues to commit atrocities. residents of the city live in fear, they are afraid to let children out on the street, as no one can guarantee safety. The police Commissioner named Theodore Roosevelt decides to look into this series of murders. To do this, he gathers a team of talented psychiatrist Laszlo and experienced reporter John. Together they have to get to the truth and understand the strange evidence. The guys need to understand the motive and the principle that the killer follows when choosing his victims. The evil, which no one has encountered before, took to the streets of the big city.

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