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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
It is very difficult sometimes to understand why people do so, and not otherwise. It is not so easy to understand what motivates people when they commit crimes or choose some strange sphere of interest. For this purpose it was decided to use the ability of the psychologist studying pathological deviations in investigations. Such a decision was very helpful at a time when mass killings of children began to take place in the area. At first everyone thought that just appeared creepy, but over time it became clear that this case is much more complicated than it might seem and worth a closer look.As it soon became known, there was a whole group that was engaged in sacrifices. No one knows what it was for the sect, why her children were interested in and exactly who there were. It took the most experienced professionals who had to deal with what was actually happening in their city. Only now it's just going to understand everything? Everyone understands that finding the leader of the sect will not be easy, but the heroes do not intend to stop. They need to quickly understand who needed this and who is behind these terrible sacrifices.

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