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The hotel is not far from the road when it brought huge profits to its owners, but those days have sunk into the summer, and now the hotel actually can not boast of anything. The owners live there: a nine-year-old boy named Ted and his own father, addicted to the bottle due to lack of customers and good income. In the middle of nowhere to a student with nothing to entertain. The only friends are people passing by and decided to stay for a while at the hotel. He himself works tirelessly, performing all the duties of servants. In free time, when not with whom and walk, Ted collects downed machines animals. His childhood dreams-a long-awaited meeting with his mother, who left him. He's even raising funds to visit her in Florida someday. He lacks love and attention, and to all visitors he strongly attached, so and upset, when they go. Being impressionable and vulnerable, the boy contacts the company of high school students who also stayed in the room. But who knew that all further events will reveal the terrible secrets of such a young and seemingly naive Ted...