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The audience will be introduced to the main characters of the series and will slightly open the veil of secrecy over their gloomy past. Claire and John Warren live in a small California town of Red pines and raise three children – carefree merry Danny, responsible and purposeful will and sociable, kind and beloved Adam.Once a large family gathered in the Park for a very important event. Ambitious Claire decided to advance to the post of mayor, and called relatives to participate in the campaign. But this clear, Sunny and warm day turned into a terrible nightmare. Adam was kidnapped, and since then, Warren's life has changed forever.…10 years have passed since the terrible day when Claire and John's son disappeared without a trace and was probably killed. Mrs. Warren has already been elected mayor twice, and now she has a new goal – to take the post of Governor. The husband of a successful politician has long distanced himself from his wife and travels around the country, presenting his books. Danny kills himself with alcohol and drugs, and Willa works as a press coordinator for his mother.the Warrens Seem to have resigned themselves to never seeing the youngest member of their once-close-knit family again. However, at the very moment when Claire appeals to voters to support her in the election of the head of state, the city spreads shocking and joyful news. Adam managed to escape from the kidnapper and get home!the Amazing news brings the Warrens back together, giving them hope for a happy future. A second chance gets their former neighbor Hank Asher, accused of killing Adam and in the light of new events immediately released from prison. Meanwhile, the cops are trying to find a place where they kept miraculously escaped the child. Particularly zealous Sergeant Nina Meyer, who was arrested Escher and have made a career out of it.rn

but what if the returned boy is not who he claims to be? And he doesn't want the police to stop kidnappers at all. After all, he will tell the truth about the 10 years during which Adam Warren was considered dead.

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