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"Tenth Kingdom" can be the whole family. This fascinating fairy-tale series will appeal to both parents and children.rnPeople have long told tales about snow white and sleeping Beauty, red riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel. And no one suspects, that all these characters there are on fact and live in another dimension. Nine kingdoms, ruled by the legendary kings of the past and their descendants, are flourishing.however, Snow white's grandson is in danger. Like his grandmother, Prince Wendell has an evil stepmother who wants to seize the throne. Prince she changes bodies with a dog. Now to ascend the throne, a dog in human form, controlled by the Queen. And the real Wendell has to flee.the Prince accidentally discovers a magic mirror leading to the Tenth Kingdom – our world. Here he meets Virginia and her father Tony. They do not suspect that saved not just a dog. Until the Queen sends her Troll and Wolf servants after them. The wolf is the first to discover Wendell and Virginia. But he is so smitten with the beauty of the girl that offers her his help.rn

meanwhile, Tony, abusing received from the Wolf magic, wanted. Now the heroes are being chased not only by trolls, but also by the police. They have no choice but to follow the Prince through the magic mirror to another world. Here they very soon lose a mirror, and begins an exciting journey through the nine kingdoms in search of the way home.but the Queen and her trolls don't give up. Before the coronation of the Prince were a few days. And although the impostor will ascend to the throne, the Queen wants to make sure that the real Wendell does not become a hindrance. Using your own magic mirror it is associated with the Wolf and convinces him to betray Virginia. And although his feelings for the girl are strong, it is difficult for him to fight the witch.rn

Also, someone is protecting Virginia and her father from the Queen's gaze, which means they have an assistant in the Wizarding world. Who is he? Will Tony and Virginia be able to return home, and Wendell will be able to return to his appearance? Watch the series and follow the adventures of the heroes.

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