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Original Title: The $100,000 Pyramid
Channel: ABC
Creators: Bob Stewart
Language: English
Description: A group of archaeologists using modern technology finds the Egyptian pyramid, the existence of which was not previously known. Workers have a great difficulty to get to the entrance to the pyramid, which was very littered. And at the moment when it was already possible to go inside, with Archaeologists understand that they may no longer have such a chance to make such a discovery, then they decide to take a desperate step and send inside, with which they want to assess the scale of the structure. nnBut the robot quickly disappears from the radar, then without thinking twice, a group of scientists goes to the pyramid to find an expensive thing, and at the same time to see what is inside. As a result, researchers fall into the trap. Now they need to find a way out of the deadly maze, but it will not be so easy, because it turns out that inside they are not alone. And the one who was there before them, is not happy guests who came without an invitation.

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