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  • Drama
Suddenly faced with the threat of nuclear disaster, the inhabitants of the Earth left the planet to save their lives. They decided to temporarily move to the space station and wait for home planet again become habitable. And when it does happen, they'll go back there and start all over again. Almost a century has passed since this event, when a small colony was sent to the abandoned territory. Instead of executing offenders, they decided to be driven to an abandoned Land, so they tried to stay alive on the once poisoned planet.However, after arriving home, it became clear that survival in the wild is not the only problem. While the struggle for power was unfolding on the orbital station, the exiled colony discovered that the planet was not as empty as people who had left it might have thought a century ago. Moreover, it is ruled by earthlings, who absolutely do not want to receive uninvited guests. And only after the conflict between the colony and the local inhabitants comes to its logical conclusion, the settlers suddenly realize how many more incredible and even frightening discoveries they will have…

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