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Original Title: Terra Nova
  • Genres:
  • Mystery
Channel: FOX
Creators: Kelly Marcel,Craig Silverstein
Language: English
Description: The creators of the animated series "Terra Forms" as a basis took one of the most common in science fiction themes – colonization of the red planet. But he managed to imbue the story of the original features. For example, they used the theory of terraforming. This term means bringing the surface and atmosphere of a space object to a state close to the earth's conditions.nnIn the story, terraformed Mars. Back in the XXI century, our scientists have launched there mold and cockroaches as the most tenacious terrestrial creatures. According to the idea, they had to heat the Martian glaciers, pump oxygen-in short, make the planet more suitable for human habitation. Five centuries later, the earth expedition arrived on Mars to see how things progressed. However, they were met by evil mutated cockroaches-under two meters tall and having a mind. The expedition was eaten by them.nnBut the earthlings could not retreat-life on our planet has become almost impossible. So in next expeditions on fight with cockroaches were sent our own mutants: Japanese Hornet, Chinese Octopus, German Eel, Russian Crab and other superheroes: brave young people, who received best quality from "his" animal or the insect. Now let's see who's who.

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