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Marcus, who was sentenced to death, decides to give his body for medical experiments and signs a contract.He wakes up in the future, where robots rule, and humanity is forced to survive and fight them.Connor, the leader of the existing Resistance, is trying to counter Skynet's program and his army of terminators. nnPeople are kidnapped to become cyborgs. In addition, John received a signal that terminators wanted his father, now a young guy named Kyle Reese.During the operation, Connor finds the basis of Skynet in the drawings, which the terminators plan to create a new series of terminators. In addition, the General staff tells John that found the code to deactivate the program. John offers his help in investigating the results of the code on the machine. nnMeanwhile, Marcus gets to the destroyed Los Angeles. Terminators are prowling everywhere, and a teenage boy, Kyle Reese, is rescued. Kyle tells Marcus what happened over the last decade. They listen to Connor's address on the radio and try to find the headquarters of the Resistance. But on the way, the robot Reaper captures Kyle, and Marcus, trying to escape, finds a fighter pilot, whose name is Blair. It helps the guy to get to the headquarters. It was there that Marcus met with the legendary Resistance member Connor and learns a terrible secret that could cost him his life or become the key to saving the survival of mankind.

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