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The eighties of the twentieth century. Los Angeles is oversaturated with drugs and lives to the sound of rock and roll. Against the background of the ongoing fun unfolds the whole drama: cruel and relentless maniac Kent Granger makes itself felt. Visiting the hot spots, the offender lures out his victim, which is then taken away in his car to a distant wasteland. Having finished with the next victim, he without delay takes her to where she will be quickly found and throws just like that.His handwriting is clearly visible: as usual, he calls on the radio and orders a song for the one that will soon become his victim. The evil city is overflowing with them. In order to put an end to this once and for all, journalists, frequent visitors to clubs, street drug dealers and several detectives combine their efforts. But all would continue in the same spirit, if one Kent have not experienced the felt to the victim a sympathy and didn't let her go, and in addition not tied to her relationships. True, Ms. beaumont did not yet guess that will be the accomplice of brutal murders.