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Blade – the vampire hunter who is himself half-vampire. He is not afraid of garlic or sunlight, he does not drink blood, soothes thirst with a special serum, but he grows old, like all people. After recent events and struggle with leader of the vampires blade learns, that his the instructor, committed attempt to suicide, still alive. However, it can hardly be called a normal life of his current existence: vampires are keeping him in a coma and is used as a source of blood. Blade decides to save him, but soon learns that his task is much broader. Suddenly, the Blade come to help his enemies – the vampires who have reported a new danger. On earth, a new kind of bloodsuckers-monsters that are immune to silver and destroy their counterparts. Blade and his enemies, first intended get rid of a hunter, unite efforts, to cope with a new threat, concealing a mortal the danger not only for themselves vampires, but and for all people.

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