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Sometimes it turns out that people know absolutely nothing about this world and its inhabitants. Faced with something unusual, a person panics, not understanding what is happening. Often, what a person does not know and does not understand - scares. Around live unseen creatures that lead their own game. But whose side are they on? Here and in this story the person had to face unusual beings who fight for the world, risking own life. In the fantasy film teenage mutant ninja Turtles (2014) reality is intertwined with myths that becomes known quite by accident. Charming April, who works as a reporter, suddenly becomes a witness to the capture of the subway, but come to the aid of strange creatures that are difficult to see in the dark, but the girl takes everything on camera. It becomes clear that the brave heroes were not people, and teenage mutant ninja turtles. nnThese unseen creatures notice April, who is trying to learn as much as possible about them. But the fearless girl is not only not going to run, but also decides to accompany the characters everywhere, taking with him the sarcastic operator Verna Fenwick. Teenage mutant ninja turtles reveal their purpose. The city was under the invasion of Shredder and his accomplice - Foot Clan. They control virtually the entire new York, ranging from the above politicians and policemen. The whole city is shrouded in fear, but come to the aid of teenage mutant ninja Turtles, which, together with April and Verne, trying to unravel the sinister intentions of Shredder. Before the supporters of good and justice, it becomes a difficult task, but there is no way back, as at stake is the whole city, and maybe the whole world. Such different characters - the other two reporters and chetvertki giant tortoises, but the overall threat to the city, makes about

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