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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Scott McCall leads an ordinary life of an average teenager. He meets beautiful girls and loves to spend time in the company of best friends. However, at one point all this comes to an end. Our hero is alone in the forest, where he is attacked by a strange beast. The beast is like a wolf, but it is too strong and huge. The boy manages to survive and get out of the forest. After some time, the young man begins to notice a strange. His hearing became sharper, his vision improved, his regenerative abilities appeared. Soon it becomes clear that the teenager was bitten by none other than a werewolf.Scott is a normal boy who became a werewolf. Best friends are not left in trouble and do everything possible to our hero was able to quickly get used to the new forces. The guy needs to learn to control myself, because after the werewolf bite, he started to have serious problems with self-control. The student must protect his family, friends and beloved girl from the terrible werewolf alpha. After some time, our hero learns that then he was bitten by an alpha who pursues his goals. What will be the end of the confrontation between the children of the moon and whether an ordinary teenager to defeat all enemies?

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