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The modern generation of teenagers does not spend time on the street, playing in the yard with their peers. The latest technology allows you to communicate at great distances, transmitting any information on the Internet. And students, the key characters of the series " young titans, go! watch online", sometimes faced with a threat to humanity and intend to stop any ill-wisher, gathered to enslave innocent citizens. However, more often guys solve quite familiar to any teenager problems.in Robin's brave team there was a place for completely different fighters. Everyone has a number of unique qualities, without which to win another victory over the universal evil would be problematic. Bist Boy skillfully reincarnated in any animal that inhabits the Earth. This means that in his Arsenal, the speed of a Cheetah, the agility of a Panther, the strength of a bear and the sharp vision of a hawk. Competent treatment of the natural inclinations of the flora of the native planet allowed a peaceful slacker to gain a foothold among the young titans.the Cyborg reluctantly confronts, but the creature, half-human, half-robot, has an advantage in the form of the strength of the machine and the mind of a far-sighted strategist, without which partners can not do.the girls Raven and Starfire brought a lot of new things to the band. First to around atmosphere was calm and quiet. And this is a good reason to start a war with insidious guests from other worlds. Resident alien Starfire sincerely attracted to the life of a pals. The traveler finds fun school activities and Hobbies, happy to cooperate with the followers of the founder of the team.the Leader of the fighters for peace and peace on the planet Robin has the makings of a leader, his authority contributes to coordinated work and competent alignment of forces in each battle. The strategic mindset allows the guy to react to the actions of the opponent in time, pushing on the edge of the attack of a Titan. Impulsive character is able to keep his emotions in time, as well as to suppress the conflict between colleagues.