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  • Genres:
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Mystery
The main character is a long-dead man, an inhabitant of the crypt, who loves fun and laughter. He constantly leaves his home and goes out to tell another funny story, full of original black humor. The plot is based on the story, taken from the comics of the same name. Each episode begins as if someone is walking to the gate, then walks into them, goes to a remote house on a hill, climbs the stairs and enters the door of the house of the crypt Keeper. Next, this someone goes through the hall of the house, down the stairs to the basement. In the basement is the grave in which sleeps the Keeper of the crypt. Suddenly, the coffin lid swings open and out POPs wildly laughing its occupant. After that, he begins his story and the screen darkens, and then there is the plot of the series. Sparkling jokes and selective black humor will appeal to fans of the genre. And the effects, in the form of blood and intestines only add impressions. All the while the story lasts, the narrator inserts funny phrases from time to time. He likes to say that laughter prolongs life, and if you laugh a lot, you can become immortal. And, all his stories end with some funny tragedy. The series attracts from the first minutes.