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Original Title: Taking the Falls
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: CTV
Language: English
Description: Movies about exorcism, obsession and devils that live in innocent people have become classics of the genre. One of these, the film Demons Deborah Logan (2014) tells the story of a woman who suffers from a serious illness – Alzheimer's disease. A group of medical students, led by MIA begin to explore Deborah that lives nearby. Shooting documentary video and study of the disease day after day, to students comes the realization that the reasons for the behavior Deborah hiding in the disease, but in something very serious and dangerous. A series of mysterious events, strange behavior and frightening open faced students say only one thing: Deborah is possessed by an evil force that is using her body for their own purposes, and rapidly progressive disease is not being. After the film a class= "link" href="/stuffzhakhiparanormalne_javishhe_2007 6-1-0-1862"rel=" nofollow"target="_blank" paranormal pseudo documentary genre became very popular. In the film the Demons of Deborah Logan uses this technique, which creates a certain atmosphere. The story begins as a documentary report of medical students who study Alzheimer's disease on the example of Deborah Logan. MIA, the team leader, along with colleagues received a grant to shoot a film, the purpose of which is to identify and monitor the disease. Arriving in a huge mansion, where Deborah and her daughter Sarah live, the students find nothing surprising. Lonely countryside, it is an appropriate woman who is aware his gatsway. But the further observations go, the more inexplicable things begin to happen to Deborah. At first, the guys the impression that all the weird strange things that seem to haunt Deborah on the heels, only a manifestation of rapidly progressive disease. But the more students explore these changes, the more obvious it is that a woman possessed by something supernatural. Demons Deborah Logan (2014) is a pseudo – documentary horror film that tells the story of a woman who suffers from the influence of otherworldly forces. No amount of scientific knowledge students are not able to help neither the Sari, nor her mother. With every day becomes all frequency and more dangerous, and the end of the life for Deborah seems quite close. Will students be able to cope with the invisible evil, the viewer can find out by watching the movie Demons Deborah Logan online on our website.

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