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Original Title: Take Two
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Crime
Channel: ABC
Creators: Andrew W. Marlowe,Terri Edda Miller
Language: English
Description: The protagonists of this multi-part melodramatic story are examples of people who are brave, kind and somewhat desperate, as they risk their own lives to help others. the state of Uruk is a territory where living is very difficult and dangerous. Modern technologies have not yet reached here, there are no law enforcement agencies, but drug trafficking and banditry are flourishing. Peacekeepers are coming here to at least maintain order. The hot spot in this country is Maoru. There and met the main heroes. Yu XI Jin is the captain of the Korean army, and Kang Mo Yong works as a doctor and arrived here as a volunteer. Man is a true patriot of his country, he chose this profession consciously and with the aim of protecting ordinary people. He has been in different parts of the world, could well die, but fate is favorable to him and he is still alive. And Mo Yong always dreamed of becoming a doctor, but this career did not quite work out, because the hospital had a lot of brazen competitors. The heroine went on television, where she began to conduct her program, abandoning the practice, and then the angry authorities sent her to Uruk with a charitable mission.

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