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In 20-ies of the XXI century Japanese technology is becoming so advanced that one of the most prominent Japanese engineers and scientists creates role-playing game of the new format. It uses immersive virtual reality, where all real human feelings are replaced by artificial, generated by a powerful computer. n

the Game is called "sword art online", and the first 10 thousand of participants who received access to the results of competitive selection, at the same time immersed in a fantasy world. Here waiting for the first shock. The user appears a shadow of the Creator, that tells you that to get out of virtual reality is possible only in case of successful passing game. Further – more!

it Turns out that if a character dies in the game, and in the real world a person dies. Therefore, the life of each player in his own hands. n

Shocked the applicants enter into a desperate struggle. Some are trying to create coalitions, while others prefer to stand apart. These include experienced Kirito is an orphan whose parents died when he was not yet informed. He began his career in the game beta tester, and therefore in the virtual world feels like a fish in water. Here he met with Azunai – a player of the highest level and part of a charming girl... n

"Sword Art Online" – an exciting anime in the spirit of the famous sci-Fi novel by Ernest Kline "the First player to get ready".