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Original Title: Switch
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: CBS
Creators: Glen A. Larson
Language: English
Description: More recently, the channel"ABC Family" launched a new series called"they were mixed up in the hospital." This series will tell us just an inimitable story, which, above all, raises such eternal themes as: the problem of addiction (gambling, and alcohol) and the problem of the existence of ordinary people, and people with disabilities. Probably, each of us thought about, and"is it really, I'm a child of my parents, because we are so different with them?"Well, in the case of the main characters family series Switched online, these suspicions were not in vain, because that was true. While still in the hospital little girls named Daphne and Bay, accidentally confused. And when our heroes find out about it, they decide to unite, and live under one roof, as one big and happy family. However, this will not be easy, because Daphnia and Bay have grown up, and so the girls are constantly competing with each other, which of them is better. But in the end, they will come to a consensus that although their DNA is different from their biological parents – still real parents should be considered those people who raised you all these years. But in addition to the main characters of the series they were confused in the hospital online, and their parents, also in the series will meet and minor characters that play an important role. Most often it will be classmates and friends of our heroines, and one of the most striking examples can be considered a young guy named Emmet – he is Daphne's best friend, but unfortunately, he lost his hearing for a long time. But, despite this, he is part of their big family, and constantly looks after his best friend, and never hides anything from her. And now Daphne is a girl who was a shining example of the enemy the relationship between hearing people and deaf, still goes through his own ego and changes his point of view. Now a little about the characters of the series switched at birth: Bay young charismatic girl, who has since birth had realized that it was not refers to a circle of people where I grew up. It is thanks to her, and the curtain opens, as to the fact that once upon a time our main characters by accident confused in the hospital. Daphne is a Kind and sympathetic girl who, despite all her problems, remains responsive and cheerful. Toby is the older brother of the girls, he is an ordinary boy who is easy to treat not only money, but also to his life in General. Wilkie is Toby's best friend, and our friends are in a rock band together. Ty is a family friend who will stand at the epicenter of all our main characters ' relationships. And finally Emmett-deaf friend Daphne, and though, despite his physical shortcomings, he never ceases to give up, and is the most striking example to follow. Emmett loves his life and never wants to part with it, but he has one obstacle in his life – he feels uncomfortable in the circle of hard of hearing people, so before I met Daphne, he avoided this kind of communication. < li > < ul > the Series will tell us a love story between Emmet and Bay, and will show that if there are real feelings between people, the words are not needed, because love has its own language... the Series mixed Them up in the hospital season 4 all seriiskachat can be on our website at any time of the day!

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