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Original Title: Sweet Revenge
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Channel: Kanal D
Creators: Barış Erçetin
Description: The main character of the new American sci-fi series "Intelligence" is Gabriel Vaughn. It's not quite human, but rather a super-computer in human flesh. The man suffered from some gene mutations, but they allowed him to introduce a unique microchip into the brain. After this upgrade, Gabriel was able at any time without the help of any technical devices to connect to the world information network, without problems to take any data from satellites and hack the most secure computers.nnFrom now on – almost the most powerful super-weapon of the USA. But, at the same time, he became the most laconic prey for organizations engaged in espionage activities against America. Any secret service in the world would want it. To exclude this possibility, the head of the Cybercom, which serves our hero, Lillian strand, puts him a personal guard-a sexy brunette named Riley Neal.nnIn fact, in the working pair Vaughn-Neal has another meaning. It's just that Gabriel is a man who sometimes commits reckless acts, thereby endangering not only himself, but also endangers the security of the entire state. In addition, he is not emotionally very stable: in the past, the man suffered a personal loss, from which he can not recover until now.

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