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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Family
The house is a fortress, and to assume that it will become a deadly trap to anybody and will not come to mind, especially in a small quiet city. The main characters of the Thriller home sweet Home, stopped in a quiet provincial town, also did not ask this question. Frank and Sarah moved out of the metropolis to raise their half-year-old son Adam far from the bustle of the city and closer to nature. A wonderful family, whose life the couple dreamed of, but only they do not even suspect that soon they will have a terrible fate. One day Sarah sees in his yard a stranger. Despite not excuses of the husband, she declares in police as now they are cut off from a civilization, and it is better to stop in advance any suspicious situations. On the same evening, Frank and Sarah leave Adam with their parents, and they want to enjoy the romance together. But now they are in the house waiting for a maniac who wants to play a deadly game. In this provincial town their entertainment, especially if the offender and the government - the same person. Home sweet home (2013) - Thriller in which a maniac is to play cat-and-mouse game with an innocent young couple. All security systems are off, there's no way out. And also how to escape from the criminal who seized their home, the couple asks questions: Why? Why exactly are they?. Home sweet home is a very good representative of the genre Thriller. It has everything you need: a maniac, a couple of victims, a local area and a very vague motive. The tension grows every second Frank and Sarah are in a house with bricked-up Windows and a murder Sheriff. There is no chance to escape, the nerves are at the limit, and the maniac entered the courage and is not going to stop. Thus, even in a trivial way, it is shown that a man does with power and how cruel he can be, feeling this permissiveness.

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