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Jack is a sought – after doctor. This doctor is 100% - to be successful in treating patients, he must be not only a professional, but also a cynic. When Jack's wife wanted to move from the class of Housewives to the rank of businesswoman, he fully supported her. However, there is one problem: now he will have more time to deal with children – Frankie's son and daughter Rachel. And the second problem: children are actually teenagers experiencing all the delights of a difficult period. And third, up to this point, Jack didn't take part in their upbringing.nnJack supports his wife's career endeavor. And even when she says to him, " Honey, be careful with those two. It's harder than you might think right now," he replies simply. "Ha, I care about people with cancer, can't I handle these two." As it turns out, an adult with children to cope simply. But to become a father to them is a little more difficult.nnThe series is based on the autobiography of Justin Halperon – the same dad who suddenly remembered his children when they had to move from childhoodadolescence to adulthood. Let's not talk about the prototype. But serial Jack still have a chance to find common ground with orphaned children to help them through life, and with God's help and return their love, to win their respect again.