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  • Genres:
  • Adventure
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  • Science Fiction
This is a story about Kara Zor-El - a girl from the planet krypton, who has superpowers. When the home planet was threatened with destruction, the supergirl was 12 years old. Her parents sent Kara and cousin Kal-El to Earth to keep her safe. Besides, she should have looked after her cousin. On the way to Earth the ship was covered by an explosive wave, he got into the phantom zone and arrived on Earth when Kal-El has become an adult, learned to use their superhero abilities and no longer need a sister. Kara has become to live in our world, obscuring the their forces and a genuine the essence of. She got a regular office job and has ceased to dream that someday will manifest itself. But she will have the chance. The plane, which flew her half-sister, was close to collapse, and only the intervention of superdevushki saved people. Now Kara comes out of the shadows and begins to help the residents of the city in the fight against crime. It finally comes to fame, but rest on their laurels will not work, because it opened the hunt cruel thugs from space. Series Supergirl season 1 all series in a row to watch online for free in good quality.

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